Boca Pro Website Security

Cyber-based threats to your business are everywhere. From transaction processing to client interactions and data management, there’s a lot to be risked by not properly addressing website security. Boca Pro employs only the most up-to-date methods of safeguarding your site from malicious attacks, hacks and phishing/spoofing attempts, at a rate you can afford.

Did you know:

86% of all websites are operating with at least one considerable vulnerability, and most often, more than one – 56% to be precise.
Generally speaking, 61% of these vulnerabilities eventually get resolved, but doing so requires roughly 193 days from the first customer contact. That’s a lot of downtime and spent resources!

Boca Pro knows website security, and we make it our goal to empower your online presence with the confidence and ironclad failsafes in place so that you don’t have to worry about losing data, customers or uptime.

We offer:

  • WordPress Malware Removal
  • WordPress Security
  • Hiding WordPress from the Outside World
  • Real-time WordPress Firewall Implementation
  • 24/7 Server Security Monitoring
  • SSL Certificates
  • Custom Security & Encryption Solutions Available

Consider Boca Pro your partner for internet security; there’s simply too much at stake to go at it alone.